Diazinon is a nonsystemic organophosphate insecticide used to control cockroaches, silverfish, ants, and fleas in residential, non-food buildings. Diazinon may be found in formulations with a variety of other pesticides such as pyrethrins, lindane, and disulfoton. Bait is used to control scavenger yellow jackets in the western U.S. It is used on home gardens and farms to control a wide variety of sucking and leaf eating insects. It is used on rice, fruit trees, sugarcane, corn, tobacco, potatoes and on horticultural plants. It is also an ingredient in pest strips. Diazinon has veterinary uses against fleas and ticks. It is available in dust, granules, seed dressings, wettable powder, and emulsifiable solution formulations.

Diazinon is an organophosphorus insecticide. Three-quarters of its total use is for residential applications, primarily on lawns and gardens. It is also used agriculturally on crops and livestock. In total, about 13 million pounds per year are used in the U.S.. Some uses of diazinon are being phased out by EPA, including all non-agricultural outdoor use and about a third of agricultural use. Diazinon is moderately mobile and persistent in the environment. People are exposed to diazinon through eating contaminated food, touching contaminated soil or water, breathing air near application sites, and applying the pesticide professionally or at home. Children may be exposed through contact with treated lawns or with pets who have been on treated lawns.

Agriculturally, more than one million pounds of diazinon were used in California to control agricultural pests in 2000. The areas and crops on which diazinon are most heavily applied are structural pest control, almonds, head lettuce, leaf lettuce and prunes.

Molecular formula: C12H21N2O3PS
Molecular weigh: 304.3
CAS Number: 333-41-5

Chemical name: O,O-diethyl 0-2-isopropyl-6-methyl(pyrimidine-4-yl) phosphorothioate
Trade names: Basudin, Dazzel, Gardentox, Kayazol, Knox Out, Nucidol, Spectracide
Pesticide type: insecticide, acaricide
Class: organophosphate
Mechanism of action: cholinesterase inhibitor
Major routes of exposure: inhalation, contact, ingestion

Diazinon min.95% TC
Diazinon min.98%TC
Diazinon 5%G
Diazinon10% G
Diazinon 50%EC