Difenoconazole is a systemic fungicide with excellent action against disease such as Apple scab as well as, leaf spot and rust of groundnut. Difenoconazole is a broad-spectrum fungicide inhibiting cell membrane ergosterol biosynthesis which stops the development of the fungus. The broad-range activity of Difenoconazole protects yield and crop quality by foliar application or seed treatment. Absorbed by leaves, a strong acropetal and translaminar translocation is revealed. This product provides long-lasting activity against Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and Deuteromycetes especially in its key markets such as fruit, vegetables and vine.

The main biochemical mode of action of difenoconazole is by inhibition of the C-14 demethylation during ergosterol synthesis (i.e. a DMI fungicide). Laboratory studies indicate that it inhibits the development of the subcuticular growth of mycelium, and prevents the development of disease symptoms and has excellent anti-sporulant activity.

Mode of Action: Systemic fungicide with preventive and curative action. Absorbed by the leaves, with acropetal and strong translaminar translocation

Chemical family: Triazole
Molecular formula: C10H17Cl2N3O3
Molecular Weight: 406.3
CAS No.: 119446-68-3
Specifications: 95% TC, 10% WG, 25% EC