Methomyl is a broad spectrum carbamate insecticide; a fast acting anti-cholinesterase agent; and, a direct contact and stomach action poison. A plant systemic of high acute toxicity to mammals, it is non-cumulative and rapidly metabolized in both plants and animals to substances of lower toxicity. Methomyl is particularly effective against organophosphorus resistant pests.

The pure compound is a colourless crystalline solid with melting point of 78-79°C and a density of 1.2946. Methomyl has a slightly sulfurous odour. The aqueous solution is non-corrosive. Methomyl is stable in the solid form and in aqueous solutions at pH 7.0 or less, it rapidly decomposes in alkaline solutions and in moist soils.

CAS No.: 16752-77-5
Molecular weight: 162.20
Molecular formula: C5H10N2O2S
Chemical Name: S-Methyl-N-[(methylcarbamoyl)oxy]-thioacetimidate
Specifications: 95% TC, 98% TC, 90% SP, 70% SP, 40% SP