Tebuconazole (TEB) is an organic triazole biocide that iseffective against wood decay fungi, but its efficacy againstinsects has not yet been evaluated. It is soluble in organicsolvents but not in water, and it is stable and leach resistantin wood. Tebuconazole is a systemic fungicide; it goes into the "system" of the plants. It is actually taken up into plants and so after 2-3 days the plant has residual protection in case rain should wash off the fungicide on the surface.

Tebuconazole is rapidly absorbed into the vegetative parts of the plants, with translocation principally acropetally. It is the largest selling triazole fungicide due to broad-spectrum foliar activity on a wide range of crops and seed treatment use on cereals and maize. The major market of Tebuconazole is on cereals, but fruit, vegetables, vine, rape and rice are also important markets. Tebuconazole is an excellent tankmix partner for other fungicides.

Mode of Action: Systemic fungicide with preventive and curative and eradicant action. Rapidly absorbed by the vegetative parts of the plant with acropetal and strong translaminar translocation.

Chemical family: Triazole
Molecular formula: C16H22Cl N3O
Molecular weight: 307.8
CAS No.: 107534-96-3
Specifications: 98% TC, 95% TC, 92% TC