Tribenuron-methyl is registered under the Pest Control Products Act as a herbicide for the control of grassy and broadleaf weeds in barley, blueberries, oats and wheat as a post-emergent treatment. A Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) has been established under the Food and Drugs Act for residues of tribenuron-methyl resulting from this use at 0.05 parts per million (ppm) in barley and wheat. An MRL has also been established at 0.01 ppm in milk to cover residues in food derived from animals fed with crops treated with tribenuron-methyl. By virtue of subsection B.15.002 of the Food and Drug Regulations, the MRL for other foods is 0.1 ppm.

The use of tribenuron-methyl on flax, oats and rapeseed (canola) will provide joint benefits to consumers and the agricultural industry as a result of improved management of pests. In addition, this regulatory amendment will contribute to a safe, abundant and affordable food supply by allowing the importation and sale of food commodities containing acceptable levels of pesticide residues.

CAS No.: 101200-48-0
Molecular Formula: C15H17N5O6S
Molecular Weight: 395.4
Specifications: 95% TC, 75% WP, 75% WDG, 75% DF