Chitosan Oligosaccharide

Chitosan Oligosaccharide is a non-toxic functional amino sugar of low molecular weight. It is a mixture of oligomers of D-glucosamine. The degree of polymerization of the oligomer is about 20.3. Its molecular weight is average 2,000. Chitosan oligosaccharide, which is a low-molecular chitosan, is obtained by transformating chitosan under the action of enzymes. Oligosaccharide application prevents accumulation of fat cells in internal organs, in particular, in kidneys after alcohol intake. Oligosaccharides significantly prevent negative impact of the alcohol on the liver. Oligosaccharide plays a remarkable role in the liver function control preventing growth of alcoholic hepatosis. There is no medicine for alcoholic hepatosis treatment. This chemical activates lactic-acid bacteria to a greater extent than vegetable oligosaccharides. At the same time it suppresses growth of common bactreia. More over, absorption of the preparation by the digestive tract stimulates liver function. Unlike chitosan, chitosan oligosacharide is well-assimilated by the body, and besides it has the ability to accelerate assimilation of the basic microelements such as calcium, ferrum etc. Respectively, oligosaccharide application allows to solve alimentation problems connected with the deficiency of microelements. It perfectly removes cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein from blood vessels, therefore chitosan oligosaccharide ingestion by patients suffering from hyperlipemia can give rather good results. Chitosan oligosaccharide is cation-active and therefore it may be combined with chlorine ions located in blood vessels. It removes chlorine ions contained in blood vessels from the body. Hence it follows that the natural preparation of chitosan oligosaccharide may promote solution of different problems which hither to have been difficult to solve.







Light Yellow powder

Molecular Weight


Solubility %

>99(By water)

Heavy Metals ppm

10 max.

Loss on drying %



1 max.

Residue on ignition %



0.5 max.




Total Plate Count:1,000CFU/g
Salmonella: Negative