Soy Protein Isolate

Isolate, made from defatted soy bean flakes, with protein content 90% min on moisture-free basis & protein is easily-digestible, is most pure and refined protein available; and Food manufacturers use soy protein isolates in infant formula, nutritional supplements, meat and dairy products, and meat analogs. They are used in applications requiring emulsification/emulsion stabilization, water and fat absorption and adhesive/fiber-forming properties. Soy protein isolates do not alter the flavor of foods.

Soy protein isolates are the most pure and refined soy protein available. Soy protein isolates are made from defatted soy beans, with most other ingredients removed leaving almost all protein. Usually, soy protein isolates contain 90% + protein on a moisture free (dry) basis. Soy protein isolates will also be more 'neutral' flavored, compared to soy concentrates, mainly because almost everything else is removed except the protein. Unlike soy concentrate, the carbohydrates are also removed, so the soy bean taste is also removed.

List of Soy Protein Benefits:
Soy protein helps to increase the nutritional value of other foods mainly because of its complete amino acid profile, and it also contains extra amounts of mineral content
Soy protein is one of the best substitutes for meat protein, because it has all the essential amino acids required by for us growth, maintenance; and to deal with physical stress.
Consumption of soy protein with isoflavones and/or soy isoflavones has been found to help prevent the breakdown bone without undesirable effects on the reproductive tract in animals and in the laboratory.
Consumption of soy protein has been shown to reduce cholesterol level in many clinical studies
Consuming soy protein with naturally occurring bioactive components help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).