Fluorescent Pigment

Fluorescent pigments are one of the building blocks to all fluorescent material. These light emitting pigments are used for creating your own fluorescent material. As with the phosphorescent pigments, most of the same rules apply. Mix the pigments with any clear medium and the result will be a fluorescent material. Adding more pigment will increase the brilliance but only up to point of saturation. In order to determine what is the correct fluorescent pigment amount in your application it will require trial and error. A good starting point will be 30% of pigment to medium by weight.

Fluorescent pigments require black light activation to emit light. Once the ultra violet energy is removed from the product then the light will cease. Phosphorescent material, on the other hand, will emit light (glow) long after the light source has been extinguished. For more information on our long after glow phosphorescent pigments please see the Glow Powder section. There is also a great write up explaining the difference between these technologies under Intro on UV in this section. We have a wide variety of colors to satisfy any requirement. These colors are bright and strong.

These pigments are having very fine particle sizes and bright colors. They are well applied in a mild solvent-based system and also in a water-based system. The applications are in general in textile field, solvent based paper coating, solvent based silk screen inks, poster colours, in the manufacture of pigment paste for textile printing, as plastic colourant, solvent based gravure and flexo inks, paints and aerosol coatings, water based paper coatings, and crayon manufacturing, etc.