Camellia Oil

Camellia tree is a special oil plant native to the southern area of Yangtze River in China. It can live for hundreds of years, blossoming in winter, bearing in autumn. The long time is like child bearing, so it is called rare fruit. Camellia oil has been regarded as emperor oil for generations. In the book Tian gong kai wu, Professor Song Yingxing highly praises its delicacy. The book Country diet recipes says: camellia oil can moisten lung, remove heat, calm wind and help mind. The book Gang mu shi yi records it can lubricate bowel, cool stomach and detoxicate. Another book Living and diet recipe praises it as daily essentials for good cooking for it can make hair smooth and bright. Because it is the lightest and clearest oil, it won't be allergic and harmful to all kinds of patients.

Modern pharmacological researches show, the content of unsaturated fatty acids in food is significantly negative correlated with coronary diseases. So olive oil containing a lot of unsaturated fatty acids was recommended as healthcare nutritional edible oil helpful to human health by WHO long ago. The content of unsaturated fatty oil in camellia oil is more than 90%, exceeding that of olive oil, so do its function. Both oils contain an active component squalene which can concentrate oxygen, counter fatigue and anoxia, promote immunity and function of stomach and intestine. Thus camellia oil has double functions, praised as eastern olive oil.
Camellia oil is widely applied in personal care formulations. From the view point of chemistry, the basis of camellia oil is OREIN acid is not easily oxidized, Property of camellia oil is similar to the ingredient of human skin, so that camellia oil fit with hair care and skin care. Olive oil also has similar property to camellia oil. Both of camellia oil and olive oil are not easily dry. However, camellia oil exceeds olive oil in content of OREIN acid and chemical stability (including not easily to be oxidized). Camellia oil can help human body to protect from the stimulation and destruct e.g. ultraviolet radiation, sunburn that resulted from the outside aroundings. It has a good disinfecting and germicide effect. The camellia is used for treating tinsea. The components of camellia oil moisturize, soften, and protect hair, and provide it with moisture and shine. Meanwhile shampoo formulated with camellia oil is effective in cleaning dandgruff, easing prurigo and protecting from losing hair. Camellia oil contains vitamins, A, B &E and various minerals, P, Za, Ca, Fe, Mn, and Mg. Comellia oil is one of the most rapidly absorbed oils making it an excellent choice as a facial oil. It has been used for centuries in China to protect and nourish skin from wrinkling.

We provide camellia oil with different specifications for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and edible applications. The camellia oil based health and personal care products are available as well.