Diosgenin is a steroid sapogenin which is isolated from various plants. Diosgenin is the starting material for the synthesis of a number of hormonal products such as DHEA. The estrogenic effects of diosgenin have also been demonstrated. It can be converted to ecdysone, pregnenolone, and progesterone. Synonym: nitogenin. Diosgenin is converted into natural progesterone scientifically. There are no enzymes in the human body that will convert diosgenin, which is the active component of wild yams into progesterone. Diosgenin is still very useful in the body and has been used by phytotherapists for centuries as an adaptagen. Whatever the effects of wild yam, it does not have the same benefits as Natural progesterone.

Diosgenin, which is a sapogenin chemical very similar to cholesterol, progesterone and DHEA - the precursor to testosterone. Diosgenin provides about 50% of the raw material for the manufacture of cortisone, progesterone, and many other steroid hormones and is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Description: White crystalline powder, very soluble in gasoline and ethanol and insoluble in water.