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Parsley is one of the first herbs to appear in spring and is commonly used as a flavoring and a garnish. It has a tangy, slightly peppery taste that helps bring out the flavor of other herbs and seasonings, and provides a bright green color contrast, too.

Parsley seed, leaf, and root are all used medicinally, but only the leaf and root have been thoroughly tested and found effective for urinary problems. In folk medicine, Parsley has also been used to treat stomach and intestinal disorders, jaundice, water retention, and failure to menstruate. Its effectiveness for these ailments has not, however, been scientifically proven. Juice pressed from fresh Parsley is a folk remedy for insect bites. Parsley has been used through the ages as a blood purifier, due to parsleys effect by helping the body excrete toxins. By eating parsley on a regular basis you can help your body by lowering the heart rate and blood pressure. Parsley is also good for stomachaches and some arthritis aches and pains. The high vitamin C, amino acid, potassium and folic acid content that parsley contains is why parsley is good for the heart, stomach, blood pressure and pain.

Parsley is one of the most nutritious herbs containing high amounts of vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium magnesium, phosphorus, iron and other essential minerals. This herb promotes good digestion, and nourishes the kidneys, liver and bladder. Parsley helps hypertension due to its diuretic properties. Parsley was used as far back as the times of Hippocrates as a medicine believed to help rheumatism, relieve kidney pains, and improve general health. Parsley is an excellent source of natural chlorophyll, along with a variety of other healthy nutrients and it is a mild aphrodisiac.

Parsley stimulates the circulation and the digestive system. It is a good tonic herb and is a remedy for troublesome flatulence. Parsley Tea taken hot last thing at night can be effective in loosening a stubborn cough. For medicinal purposes parsley tea is most usually made from the dried leaves. Fresh crushed parsley leaves can be used externally for relieving insect bites and stings. As an instant remedy take fresh or pulped leaves and place on minor cuts and abrasions to soothe and heal.