Ammonium Persulfate

Ammonium persulfate crystals are used as an alternative to the traditional ferric chloride to produce a cleaner copper etchant solution. Ammonium persulfate is a white, crystalline, odourless salt. It is used as initiator for the polymerisation of monomers and as a strong oxidizing agent in many application. It has the particular advantage of being almost non-hygroscopic, of having a particularly good storage stability as a result of its extremely high purity and of being easy and safe to handle.

Ammonium persulfate is used as polymerization initiator in polymer chemistry, etchant and cleaner in manufacture of printed circuit boards, booster in hair bleaching formulations in cosmetics, and secondary oil recovery systems as a polymerization initiator and a gel breaker.

The white crystals are soluble in water and decomposed by heat. The chemical industry uses ammonium persulfate to commercially produce other persulfate compounds and aniline dyes, while the organic synthetics industry utilizes the compound for initiating various polymerization processes

Ammonium persulfate is often used for generation of free radicals necessary for polymerization and is commonly used with an accelerator, usually NNN'N'-Tetramethylethylenediamine (TEMED). TEMED enhances the formation of oxygen radicals and when included in a mixture of acrylamide, bis and ammonium persulfate, increases the rate of polymerization.

Molecular Formula: (NH4)2S2O8
Molecular Weight: 228.20