Potassium Perchlorate

Potassium perchlorate is much more stable than its Chlorate brother, this chemical is a white or slightly pink powder. It can often substitute for potassium chlorate to make the formula safer. It will not yield its oxygen as easily, but to make up for this, it gives off more oxygen. It is also poisonous.

Potassium perchlorate has been used to treat hyperthyroidism resulting from Grave's disease, and is still used diagnostically to test thyroid hormone production in some clinical settings. In addition, potassium perchlorate is used in protective breathing equipment on aircraft for use in the event of depressurization, and in naval emergency escape breathing devices. Other uses of perchlorate salts include in nuclear reactors and electronic tubes, as additives in lubricating oils, in tanning and finishing leather, as a fixer for fabrics and dyes, and in electroplating, aluminum refining, rubber manufacture, and production of paints and enamels.

Perchloric acid, HClO4, is a volatile, unstable, colorless liquid that is a strong, corrosive acid and a powerful oxidizing agent, especially when hot. It explodes if heated to about 90°C or on contact with combustible materials. The monohydrate, HClO4·H2O, is fairly stable and forms needlelike crystals that melt at 50°C. It explodes if heated to 110°C. The dehydrate, HClO4·2H2O, is a stable liquid that boils at 200°C. Per chlorates are safer to handle than chlorates; they are more stable when exposed to heat or shock. Potassium perchlorate, KClO4, is perhaps most widely used, e.g., in matches, fireworks, and explosives. It is a colorless crystalline substance that melts at about 610°C.

Potassium perchlorate is used as an ingredient for propellants in aerospace industry, an oxidizer in airbags automotive industry, as propellant material in power charges of energetic Materials. In pharmaceutical potassium perchlorate is used as a diagnostic imaging agent, and as ingredient for gelatine capsules used for medicine. It is also used in manufacture of signal flares & pyrotechnic devices.

CAS No.: 7778-74-7
Chemical Formula: KClO4