Potassium Sodium Silicate

Potassium Sodium Silicate is a mixed soluble silicate. It has the common properties of Potassium Silicate and Sodium Silicate. Its liquid is a transparent thick liquid with a bit color or a semi-transparent thick liquid. The water solution of it is strongly alkaline. It's quite sizy. Its viscosity, modulus, concentration and ratio of Potassium and Sodium have relation with the temperature. In application, it can compensate the shortcomings of Potassium Silicate and Sodium Silicate. It has better water resistance than each of the latter. Potassium Sodium Silicate is the adhesive, viscoplastic agent and arc stabilizer in the igniting skin of electric welding rod. As the adhesive, it makes the igniting skin less deviate from the heart of the rod. As the stabilizer, it stabilizes the arc, protects the melted metal, and prevents the involvement of the air, desoxy and producing alloy.

The Potassium Sodium Silicate produced by our company has high purity, strong caking power and good fluidity. It can moisten powder agents easily during wet agitating, and make paint uniform. The quantity used in the igniting skin of electric welding rod is 30% of the skin, and the quantity used in sintering welding is 15-25%.

Synonyms: Potash-sodium (water) glass
Molecular formula: K2O Na2O SiO2