Sodium Methoxide

Sodium methoxide is an organic salt, in pure form a white powder. Sodium methoxide is the conjugate base of methanol. The negatively charged oxygen is more nucleophilic than the neutral oxygen. In biodiesel production, "methoxide" is a product of mixing methanol and sodium hydroxide, yielding a solution of sodium methoxide in methanol, and a significant amount of heat. Sodium Methoxide in methanol is a liquid that kills nerve cells before you can feel the pain.

Typical applications for sodium methoxide are as a solvent, as a methoxide, as condensation agent in organic synthesis, catalyst for treatment of food grease, also as important material of synthesis of pharmaceuticals like sulfadiazine, SMZ, sulfasynergist, etc.

CAS Registry No.: 124-52-6
Molecular formula: CH3ONa
Molecular weight: 54.02
Appearance: colorless transparent or cream white viscous liquid
Content(CH3ONa), %: 28.0 min.
Free alkali(NaOH), %: 0.6 max.
Package: Iron drum, net weight 190kg.