Tannic Acid

Tannic Acid, a commercial form of tannin is not a true acid but an acid-like substance called a polyphenol. Tannic acid is a basic ingredient in the chemical staining of wood. The tannic acid or tannin is already present in woods like oak, walnut, and mahogany. Tannic acid can be applied to woods low in tannin so chemical stains that require tannin content will react.

Tannic acid is the most common mordant for cellulose fibers such as cotton. Tannin is often combined with alum and/or iron. The tannin mordant should be done first as metal mordants combine well with the fiber-tannin complex.

Synonms : Tannic acid, Tannin, Gallotannic acid
Molecular Formula: C76H52O46
Molecular Weight: 1701.18
Description:A yellowish to brownishpowder, odour characteristic; taste strongly astringent.Soluble in 1 part of water or alcohol;soluble in acetone; almost insoluble in chloroform or ether.

Technical Grade
Specification:Meeting the requiremenet of state standard GB5038-85
Uses:This product is widly use in smelting of germanium manufacture of "lro ink",metal corrosionresistance,slime treatment of petroleum drilling and raw material of pharmaceytical industry.
Storage:Tannic acid should be kept in a well-closed container.
Packing:A net weight of 25kg packed in woven plastic bags

Pharmaceutical Grade
Specification:Meeting the requirement of the 1993th edition of B.P,U.S.P 24 standards.
Action and Use:the medical tannin for is anti-bacterial,anti-enzymatic and astringent functions,It is used as an ingredient for antibiotics,guitinea drugs,detoxicants and antidysenterics and a symerist for synhetic sulphanilamide.
Storage:Tannic acid should be kept in a well-closed container,potected form light.
Packing:Export products in paperboard circular kegs of 25 Kg net each.

Food Grade
Specification:Meeting the requirement of Food chemicals codex III edition of FDA and-U.S.A.FCC 1981 standards;U.S.A.FCC-IV standards.
Uses:It is used mainly in the clarificant of beer or wine.It used to the product of bromezyme EC etc.
Packing:Export products in paperboard circular kegs of 25kg net each.