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D-pinitol is a form of pinitol, a naturally-occurring compound found in certain plants, trees and foods, such as soy. D-pinitol is a natural methyl-inositol extracted from natural sources. It promotes glucose transport and glycogen synthesis, making it a very attractive supplement for the serious athlete or weekend warrior looking for increased energy and endurance.

D-pinitol has been clinically studied and shown to possess dual actions in promoting glucose use in the body. The first is a stimmulation of glucose uptake in L6 muscle cells and the second is a stimulation of glycogen synthesis by L6 muscle cells. Since glucose is converted into energy within the muscle cell, and creatine is also needed for converting useless ADP into ATP energy within the muscle cell, the transport of glucose and creatine is a major rate-limiting step in the reaction. D-Pinitol aids the transport system for glucose and creatine in AVERA Super Load, driving these components into the muscle cell where it is most needed and resulting in increased penetration.