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Methoxyisoflavone is the latest technological breakthrough by nutrition scientists. Methoxyisoflavone is a natural anabolic compound, which increases protein synthesis and acts as a nutrient-partitioning agent. MHP has integrated this extremely anabolic compound into the development of Methoxy-Meal, a revolutionary muscle-synthesizing nutritional drink. Methoxy-Meal is formulated to provide the nutritional support needed to build muscle and improve physical performance.

Methoxyisoflavone (also known as 5-Methyl 7-Methoxyisoflavone) is an anabolic compound that builds muscle mass by putting the body in an anabolic state. When the body is in an anabolic state it uses protein to build muscle mass. Our bodies are always alternating between anabolic and catabolic states. Methoxyisoflavone increases protein synthesis (and nitrogen retention) and is therefore said to be anabolic. This is critical to anyone desiring to build muscle mass because if the body is in an anabolic state you are going to build muscle at a rapid rate.

Lean body mass, increased recovery times and superior strength gains have been reported by World class athletes. Methoxyisoflavone has been demonstrated to result in increased nitrogen retention and increased muscle growth. Finally, research indicates that Methoxyisoflavone has very strong cortisol-suppressing effects. Methoxyisoflavone does not lead to increased oestrogen levels and androgenic side effects. In fact it has been shown to reduce body fat, lower cholesterol and improve the body's ability to utilize oxygen.

5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone or Methoxyisoflavone is quite possibly the most powerful legal anabolic compound ever created, period! Here are some of the research findings for this ultra-potent mass builder: In the same rat levator ani test used with anabolic steroids to find their anabolic-to-androgenic ratio, the researchers found that Methoxy was extremely anabolic, while showing absolutely no androgenic effects. In animal studies (no matter what the species), large amounts of lean body mass were gained within 30 days, and were accompanied by an increase in vitality. This was accomplished without androgenic effects or endocrine tissue alteration. In human studies, incredible amounts of lean body mass were achieved in wasting patients taking Methoxy. These patients, who initially had extremely high cortisol levels, showed a marked reduction in cortisol, while calcium, phosphorus, and potassium levels, and nitrogen retention were all significantly increased. All this adds up to more muscle. Researchers concluded that identical doses of anabolic steroids do not exert anabolic effects stronger than those derived from Methoxyisoflavone. Now that’s a powerful statement! In addition to this research data, world-class athletes who had been lucky enough to get their hands on this super anabolic compound in the past have reported increased recovery times and strength gains that correlate to the increased gains in muscle mass.