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Vanadyl Sulfate

Vanadyl sulfate is derived from the trace element vanadium. In recent studies vanadyl sulfate has been shown to enhance many of the same anabolic processes controlled by insulin. Along with testosterone, growth hormone and thyroid hormone, insulin is a major anabolic hormone. Insulin mimicking effects by vanadyl sulfate causes glucose and amino acids to be forced into muscle to a greater degree than normally be assimilated. Vanadyl sulfate also helps increase glycogen storage in muscle and helps improve protein synthesis. This not only makes the muscle hard and pumped, it also creates the perfect anabolic environment right in the muscle you trained.

Vanadium is a metallic element with atomic number 23 and atomic symbol V. Vanadium is a transition element that exists in several oxidation states, including +2, +3, +4 and +5. Vanadium compounds are striking for their varied colors. For this reason, vanadium was first named panchromium. The element chromium, another colorful element, is vanadium's next-door neighbor to the left in the periodic table. Vanadium is widely found in nature in the form of minerals, as well as in living matter, such as the human body. In living matter, vanadium is found mainly as the tetravalent vanadyl cation and the pentavalent vanadate form.

Nutritional essentiality for humans has not been established for vanadium. Vanadium-deficiency states have been reported in some animals. Goats fed diets deficient in vanadium had an elevated spontaneous abortion rate and depressed milk production, and approximately 40% of kids from these goats died between days 7 and 91 of life, with some deaths preceded by convulsions. Only 8% of kids from vanadium-supplemented goats died during the same period. Rats fed vanadium-deficient diets were found to have decreased growth.

Vanadyl and vanadate compounds act as insulin-mimetics and are being studied as potentially orally active replacements for insulin. However, these substances are poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, and the amounts needed for an effective oral dose are likely to be toxic. Vanadium-containing compounds are being developed for the treatment of diabetes with higher therapeutic-to-toxicity ratios. Such compounds include peroxovanadiums, bis(picolinato) oxovanadium and the vanadium ligand L-glutamic acid gamma-monohydroxamate.

Vanadyl sulfate is a popular product in the bodybuilding market. Vanadyl sulfate's ability to promote muscle uptake of glucose produces a significant anabolic effect on muscle mass. This anabolic effect is also important for antiaging purposes. Aging causes catabolic wasting of muscle mass. Supplementation with nutrients like arginine, chromium picolinate and vanadyl sulfate can help prevent this condition.

Vanadyl sulfate contains vanadium bound to sulfur. It is considered the most biologically active form of vanadium. Vanadyl sulfate should be taken with meals. The recommended dose is one 7.5 mg tablet per day for life extension purposes. Diabetics may want to adjust their dose to up to four tablets per day. Diabetics should carefully monitor their glucose levels as vanadyl sulfate can cause a significant drop in blood glucose levels causing reactive hypoglycemia.