Diethyl Oxalate

Molecular Formula: H10C6O4
Molecular Weight: 146.14
CAS: 95-92-1

Diethyl oxalate is used as an intermediate in the production of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and dyestuffs. Mainly used as intermediate of phenobarbital, triaethanolamihe smz; also used as intermediate of plastics and solvent of fiber and perfume; synthesis of organism. As the basic material for pharmaceutical industry, diethyl oxalate is the intermediate of manufacturing the following medicines: caldarimycin, CAP, long-effect sulfanilamide, iodine amine, oxazole, azathioprine, SMZ, sulphur sodium methoxide, diphenoxylate, perdurine geopen, lactic acid chloroquine Phosphate, tiabendazole and penicillin. More over, it is the main material of the new well-sold medicine “SMZ”. Secondly, diethyl oxalate can be also used to manufacture plastic accelerant, and used as the solution element of coated cathode of TV kinescope, intermediate of dye, the impregnant of fibrin and flavor as well. In Japan, diethyl oxalate is even used as the impregnant of natural or compound colophony.

Appearance: White transparent liquid combustion.
Boiling point: 185.4 degree C
Specific Gravity: 1.08
Quality standard: ZBG17025-90
Ester content: Min.99.0%
Dislittation test 180188 ML: Min. 93%
Acidity(H2C2O4) Max. 0.15%
Water: Max.0.10%
Evaporating presidue: Max.0.005%
Package: 200kg galvanizing buck