Silver Iodide

Silver iodide is an iodide that is used in photography, in seeding clouds to make rain, and in medicine. It can be used as cloud seeding agent in weather modification activities: increase rain and snow precipitations and suppression of hailstone.

Other iodide series products are also available, including 2-Iodotoluene, 3-Iodotoluene, 4-Iodotoluene, 1-Iodo nahpthalene, 1,4-diiodo benzene.

Chemical Name: Agl
CAS No.: [7783-96-2]
Molecular Weight: 234.77 grams/mole

Appearance Light yellow powder
Specific gravity 5.67
Boiling Point 552°C (with decomposition)
Solubility in Water 3 x 10-7 grams per 100 mL of cold water
Compatibility Must be tested on an individual basis.
Flammability Noncombustible.

Typical Purity: 99% min.
Appearance: Pale yollow powder
Loss on drying: 0.3% max.
Packing: 500g per bottle.