Sodium Methoxide

CAS No.: 124-41-4
Molecular formula: CH3NaO
Molecular weight: 54.02

Methoxide - Sodium Methoxide - Sodium Methylate - is an organic salt, in pure form a white powder. Sodium methoxide in methanol is a liquid that kills human nerve cells before any pain can be felt. In biodiesel production, "methoxide" is a product of mixing methanol and sodium hydroxide, yielding a solution of sodium methoxide in methanol, and a significant amount of heat. Sodium Methoxide in methanol is a liquid that kills nerve cells before you can feel the pain. Rinse with water and seek medical attention immediately.

Sodium methoxide mainly used as condensing agent, catalyzer with strong basicity and analytical reagent. It is widely used in medicine, pesticide intermediates, edible fat.