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Iohexol represents the second generation of non-ionic, low osmolar, iodinated contrast agents. The first generation of these nonionic agents was replaced by low osmolar agents that improve the quality of the image and pharmacological profile. Iohexol is known for its low occurrence of side effects. It can be used for an extensive range of intra-vascular diagnostic procedures. These include coronary angiography, spinal cord imaging and body cavity procedures. Clinical experience over the last 20 years has shown that Iohexol fulfills all the requirements of modern contrast agents. IOHEXOL is approved for use in adults and children. An extensive assortment of packaging that meets safety conditions, convenience and cost efficiency is available.

Iohexol is a new, nonionic water-soluble contrast agent undergoing early clinical trials in the United States. Using a double-blind, parallel format, iohexol was compared with meglumine iothalamate (60 patients) for selective cerebral angiography, and with sodium meglumine diatrizoate (40 patients) for arch aortography. Iohexol produced significantly less pain than meglumine iothalamate or sodium meglumine diatrizoate. There were no significant differences in terms of heart rate, blood pressure, or electrocardiogram (ECG) changes. Both produced a transient tachycardia and hypotension after arch aortography, but significantly less so with iohexol. No significant complications occurred. Film quality was comparable between contrast agents except for diminished motion artifacts with iohexol. Iohexol appears to be a superior neuroangiographic contrast agent to current ionic drugs.

Molecular Formula: C19H26I3N3O9
CAS No.: 66108-95-0
Molecular Weight: 821.14