Cadmium Stearate

Cadmium organic salts, commercially cadmium stearate or cadmium laurate containing 1 - 16% cadmium, are the most effective stabilizer for polymers especially for PVC and its related products to develops good initial colour and clarity as well as to retard the degradation against heat and UV. These stabilizers allow high temparature processings. These compounds are forbidden in food packaging applications. However, They are not replaced with other stabilizer for outdoor applications such as profiles, pipes, hoses and electrical insulation of the same effectiveness.

Application: PVC soap thermal stabilizer with the least pigmentation, best stability and transparency. Mainly used in soft products such as films, thin boards, soft pipes, leatheroid, etc.

CAS No.: 2223-93-0
Chemical Formula: (C17H35COO)2Cd
Molecular Weight: 679.35
Synonym: Stearic acid, cadmium salt; Kadmiumstearat; Octadecanoic acid, cadmium salt; Cadmium(II) n-octadecanoate

cadmium %


melting point °C

100 min.

moisture %

1.0 max.

free acid %

1.0 max.

delicacy %

99 min.