Chinese Insect Wax

Chinses insect wax is secreted by insects (Coccus ceriferus) and laid on tree branches (1500 insects are needed to produce 1g chinese wax). Besides an important content in esters, this wax includes some free acids, alcohols (up to 1%) and hydrocarbons (2 to 3%). Chemically, the esters are formed of chains with 46 up to 60 carbon atoms, the majority of alcohols and acids having 26 or 28 carbon atoms. The purified wax is used to make candles and polish.

This wax, also called “pe-la” by the Chinese, is the product obtainable from the coccid insect Ericerus pela that deposited on the twigs and branches of the Chinese ash, Fraxinus condenses, Due to its special hardness, translucent, crystalline, brittleness, fibrous and high melting point, this wax is modern used for precision molding, metal coating, fibre luster, surface polishing, insulation industrial cosmetics and pharmaceutics.

Composed of 93-95% esters of aliphatic monocarboxylic acid, including montany ligno-cerate, myricyl lignoceraye (2%), ceryl lignoceraye(10%), ceryl cerotate (15%), isohepta-cosyl isoheptacosanoate(60%), ceryl montanate, isoheptacosyl melissate; 0.5-1% free wax acids, including cerotic acid and melissic acid; less than 1% myricyl alcohol; 1-1.5% resins; 2-3% heptacosane.

(1) Our unique refinement process yields a completely refined snow-white product dehydrated.
(2) Excellent compatibility with almost all natural waxes, natural fat and oil such as plant wax, animal wax, animal fat, aliphatic acid glyceride, hydrocarbon and aliphatic alcohol etc.
(3) Due to its high melting point and excellent properties, it can be used as succedaneum of the finest Caranauda or Candellila without any characteristic smell and taste.

(1) Medicine: Feature fine ability of water proofing, damp proofing and smoothness, widely applied as brightener and coat of tablet and capsule.
(2) Industry: Used for precision molding, metal coating, paper coating, fibre luster, lubricant, polish agent, electrical insulation.
(3) Food: Feature superior flexibility, stable dispersibility, ability of forming thin film, water proofing, damp proofing and oxidation resistance, applied as the food coating and mould release in the food processing.
(4) Cosmetics: Features excellent transmissibility, emulsibility, smoothness, widely applied in lipstick, pomade, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, rough, lotion etc.