Lead Stearate

Lead stearate is a lead soap that is insoluble in water & soluble in hot alcohol.

Lead stearate is highly recommended as internal lubricant & stabilizer in PVC formulation. As drier in varnish; lacquer & paints. In extreme pressure lubricants. Stabilizer for vinyl polymers (with D.B.L.S. & T.B.L.S.). As corrosion inhibitor for petroleum. As a component in greases; waxes and paints. In PVC extruded; calendered and molded articles. In cable compounds etc.

Chmical Formula: (C17H35COO)2Pb
Molecular Weight: 774
CAS Registry No.: 7428-48-0, 1072-35-1


lead %


melting point °C

103-110 min.

moisture %

1.0 max.

free acid %

1.0 max.

delicacy %

99 min.