Rice Bran Wax

Rice bran wax is a vegetable wax extracted from rice bran when extract rice oil. It is a treasure biologic wax resource in East Asia where rice is the main food. Rice wax has no odor and bleaches readily, and its impurities are easy to move. Rice bran wax is better as a coating for fruits, vegetables, confectionery and chewing gum than paraffins or petrochemical waxes, and it’s also suitable for cosmetics. Varying from tan to light brown in color, it melts between 1690 and 1810 F. It’s compatible with all other waxes, fatty acids, plant glycerides and hydrocarbons.

The main components of rice bran wax are aliphatic acid (wax acid) and higher alcohol ester. aliphatic acid contains palmitic acid (C16), behenic acid (C22), lignoceric acid (C24) and wax acid (C26) etc.; Higher alcohol contains ceryl alcohol (C26), isoerine alcohol and melichrome alcohol (C30) etc.; In addition, rice wax contains unsaponifiable constituent such as melichrome alcohol, ceryl alcohol, isoerine alcohol and some free acid (palmitic acid), a few of alcohol, squalene and phosphoric acid lipid.

Rice bran wax proved to be the best choice for 1-octacosanol,since it has higher purity and good pharmaceutical function than extracts of sugar cane wax extracts and bee wax extracts.