Sorbitan Monostearate (SPAN 60)

Sorbitan monostearate is an ester of sorbitol and stearic acid. It is sometimes known as a synthetic wax. The sorbitol end of the molecule is very soluble in water. The stearic acid end is soluble in fats. These properties make the molecule very good at making emulsions of oil and water. It is a nonionic surfactant with excellent emulsifying, dispersing and wetting property.

Sorbitan monostearate is used as an emulsifying agent in cake mixes, icings, baked goods, puddings, imitation whipped cream, hemorrhoid creams, and creams to treat dry skin. It is an important ingredient in oil preparation of synthetic fibres such as polyacrylonitrile, polyamide fibre, viscose fibre and so on. It also can be used as metal machining fluid and brightener in leather industry, as emulsifier in coating, pesticide and plastic industry.

Appearance: yellow waxy or flaky substance
Acid Value(as KOH), mg/g: 10.0 MAX.
Saponification Value(as KOH), mg/g: 154-160
Hydroxyl Value(as KOH)mg/g: 240-270
Packing: 25kg/barrel lined with plastic bag.