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Anthranilic Acid (Vitamin L)

Vitamin L1 is anthranilic acid or ortho-aminobenzoic acid, a vitamin required for lactation in human females. Vitamin L2 is adenyl thiomethylpentose, an alternate form of vitamin L. Vitamin L is thought to be necessary for lactation -- the reason for the "L" -- although it is not officially recognized as a vitamin and dietary sources have not been identified. L2 was isolated and seems to be related to adenosine. It has been referred to as LT but LT is a much more complex substance and is sometimes erroneously included with the B vitamin complex.

Anthranilic acid is an aromatic amine which occurs physiologically as a metabolite of the amino acid tryptophan. It is used commercially as an intermediate in dye synthesis.

Synonyms: o-aminobenzoic acid, carboxyaniline, 2-aminobenzoic acid
Molecular formula: 2-NH2C6H4COOH
CAS No: 118-92-3